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  • ✔【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】The shoe buckle is made of TPU material, which can effectively fix the tightness and wear resistance. The inner sleeve is made of thick mesh cloth, which can softly wrap children's ankles and is comfortable. TPE spring has good support and pressure resistance. Non-slip wear-resistant outsole, concave-convex pattern design, more stable adsorption and smooth movement.

  • ✔【SAFETY】 Jumping boots are not hurt by jumping! The multiple protection technology of the shoes can easily bounce and reduce ground impact. Strong cushioning. Pay attention to elastic protection and promote blood circulation. Reduce the wear of the knee and effectively reduce the impact of the meniscus.

  • ✔【LEISURE AND ENTERTAINMENT】Jumping shoes are a combination of sports, health and leisure, which are beneficial to promote physical and mental health, reduce young people's damage to electronic products, improve physical fitness, and have long, soft and flexible jumping movements. With these jumping shoes, your training has never been so fun. you deserved!

  • ✔【MANY TIMES】Play basketball, run, jump and have fun. Easy to burn calories, fitness, coordination, strengthen leg muscles. Muscle expansion helps (young) body development. Both teenagers and adults can use it, which reduces the impact on joints by 80%. The number of calories burned per hour is more than three times.

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  • Our bounce shoe is a perfect stretch shoe that allows you to exercise in an energetic and safe way because it protects your ligaments and joints from the negative effects of your body, whether you are in the gym, at home or outdoors , Can enjoy a lot of fun.

    1. Beginners need to sit at a suitable height to facilitate the buckle of the bouncer
    2. Tighten the straps on the foot pads to fix the feet
    3. Adjust the fastening part of the foot pad so that your foot is placed in the best position and fixed, especially the heel position.
    4. Tighten the straps
    5. When wearing another one, follow the same steps as the previous one
    6. You can stand up against the wall or rely on your friends for help
    7. For beginners, remember not to jump or stand on one foot
    8. After enough practice, start a simple jump
    Children use:
    (1) The first step is to sit at a suitable height and put it on (Bouncing Dragon Bouncer). The adult must stand in front of the child and support him to make him stand up
    (2) Adults must hold children with both hands and let them start walking slowly step by step.
    (3) It is not allowed to stand without exercising. Children must walk around and practice how to maintain their balance by walking again and again.

    Please read the instructions carefully before use, you must first wear a helmet, protective gear, and check every screw to ensure that no screws are loose;
    Make sure that there is no damage to the fibers on the surface of the spring and use it within the maximum limit of the spring.

    Product name: Kangaroo bounce shoes
    Function: dancing, running, fitness, entertainment, skating, walking
    Material: aluminum alloy, plastic, fiberglass
    Bearing capacity specification: 30-50KG
    Size: Free size (for children over 10 years old)

    Package Included:
    1 pair of jumping shoes

    Youth Adults Women Men Stilts Elastic Shoes,Elastic bouncer Jumping shoes,Kangaroo Jump Shoes,Anti-Gravity Running Boots Bounce Shoe,Jumps Rebound Shoes - HEWF67