Wrist Gyro Ball,Wrist Ball Super Gyro Grip Ball Glowing Wrist Force Ball Finger Exercise Wrist Arm Strength Fitness Ball - GEAT14

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  • In physiotherapy and relaxation: Power Gyroscopic Ball, like tai chi, supports therapy and concepts with its relaxing effects on stress reduction, energy accumulation, metabolism and circulatory stimulation, and helps with physical and mental health.

  • Power Gyroscopic Ball is suitable for sports training: prevents discomfort, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain. Very useful for grip training, golf, tennis, mountaineering, cycling, basketball, cricket, martial arts and playback with improved performance of pianists, drummers and guitarists.

  • Health benefits: Power Gyroscopic Ball can help your body recover. The reaction is strong at high speed, and it is also an effective tool for treating arthritis at low speeds. Concentrated and regular movements accelerate Power Gyroscopic Ball, which is faster, the greater the strength and exercise effect.

  • Relieves arm discomfort: Do you often use a computer mouse to experience wrist discomfort? Do you always feel sore and uncomfortable in your wrist joints? Do you want to strengthen your hand, exercise your arm muscles... This Power Gyroscopic Ball is perfect for you, helping you move your wrists, strengthen your grip, build muscle and give your hands and arms more strength. Power Gyroscopic Ball increases finger grip and coordination

  • Motor skills: The customary hand keeps Power Gyroscopic Ball moving, which will help you improve your fine motor skills on your hands/arms, and Power Gyroscopic Ball starts automatically without power, no radiation, and is harmless to humans.

  • Principle: Wrist Gyro Ball uses gyroscope (eccentricity plus inertial fixation) power: power is generated by wrist rotation, without battery and interstitial rotation, the faster the kinetic energy is generated. The rotation speed can be up to 12,000 (R.P.M) revolutions per minute.
    Functions: Enhance grip, endurance, wrist strength, arm strength and other best weapon, and can promote blood circulation, enhance the wrist ligament to reduce sports damage
    Do not use any part of the body to stop moving at high speed of the sphere, otherwise it is easy to harm the body. It is recommended to use clothing or to allow the sphere to stop naturally.
    Do not add any oily, smooth liquid to the Wrist Gyro Ball shell, rendering Wrist Gyro Ball unusable.
    Avoid collisions between Wrist Gyro Ball and hard objects when used, and when wearing wrist cords when ever.
    The Wrist Gyro Ball sphere is powerful at high altitude slots, prohibiting hand-in-hand with others while the sphere is still running, causing unnecessary damage.
    Wrist Gyro Ball spheres produce a lot of power at high altitudes and are not recommended for children under 10 years of age or those with insufficient hand strength.
    Material ABS
    Name: Wrist Ball
    Suitable Scenarios: Fitness Equipment, Extreme Challenges, Health Massage
    Weight: 0.26Kg

    Wrist Gyro Ball,Wrist Ball Super Gyro Grip Ball Glowing Wrist Force Ball Finger Exercise Wrist Arm Strength Fitness Ball - GEAT14