Vito's Fitness Exercise Slam Medicine Ball - WLZG12

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  • Ideal for general fitness, core and strength workouts

  • No-bounce design for repeated slamming

  • Weighted sand-filled ball helps build explosive strength

  • Anti-slip surface for an extra-firm grip

  • Provides weight resistance through range of motions

  • Slam ball exercise can make your strength improved by taking diverse weights. The slam ball workouts include lunges, squats, slams, single-leg V-ups, kneel to push ups and other strength training; thus stretching your muscle and improving your strength. Plyometrics and core training can be more effective via using different weights of slam ball.

    Providing versatile resistance for CrossFit, boxing, football, baseball and basketball, also ideal to improve core strength. It is the perfect accompaniment to your circuit and functional training, and can be incorporated into your existing fitness programme to help deliver a balanced full-body workout.

    Slam ball workouts can train up the cardiovascular system. Through using the slam ball, the users can boost their aerobic capacity in enhancement of strength and endurance. Meanwhile, cardio exercise with slam ball can accelerate the blood circulation, which provides you with more energy and power.

    The slam ball is durable with textured and non-slip rubber which provides a comfortable and easy grip, making an excellent bounce slam ball.

    Vito's Fitness Exercise Slam Medicine Ball - WLZG12