Skipping Rope Nylon Adjustable Jump Boxing Fitness Speed Rope Training Gym MMA B Black - SNJH04

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  • ✔️ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: BeSmart Skipping Rope is fully Adjustable with 9 feet long Length of the Jump rope, it can be adjusted quickly according to your height. Suitable for Adults, Teens, children, Men and Women

  • ✔️EASY TO USE :Skipping Ropes Jump rope is a simple and fast sport, eliminate the body fat , lost weight, jump rope workout can shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed. Rope skipping not only keep you healthy, but also feel the joy of sports

  • ✔️HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL : Made from premium Nylon, soft and wear-resistant, perfect for athletes, Kids, The skipping rope is strong but light and adaptable to all situations. Use it at home or put it into your gym bag for the perfect workout every time!

  • ✔️PERFECT FOR EXCERCISE : Adults, Men, Women, Kids, Jump rope workout is suitable for everyone, you can start jumping ropes anytime and anywhere. ropeless jump rope perfect for all ages and all level jumpers. It can be widely used in the office, bedroom, living room, and outdoors, can be used even in small spaces.

  • ✔️WHY US: Customer Appreciation And Result Driven Is Our Motto. We Appreciate The Investment You Make In Yourselves. We Guarantee and Produce. As Long As You Commit To Us, We Commit To You. No More Excuses No More Hesitation - Put Your Finger On The Pulse And Your Body Will Thank You

  • ✔️Think Smart, Play Smart, Be Smart. ✔️Try it for yourself and if it does not meet your expectations then we are happy to exchange or refund. Be Smart Professional Plastic Skipping Rope Jump Speed Boxing Fitness Exercise Rope Boxing Gym Fitness Workout. Nylon Speed Jump Rope An effective, easy and fun way to optimise cardiovascular conditioning while maximising coordination, agility, timing and endurance. Jumping rope tones muscles in the entire body can burn unto 1,000 calories per hour, making it one of the most efficient workouts possible. STRENGTH & TONE (muscle while increasing cardiovascular health) Aerobic Activity: Increase endurance, promote weight loss Strength Training: Increase muscle, add definition Core Boost: Strength core muscle groups, boost performance Fit Flexibility: Enhance flexibility, improve balance Length: 9 FT (Not Including Handle)

    Skipping Rope Nylon Adjustable Jump Boxing Fitness Speed Rope Training Gym MMA B Black - SNJH04