Sauna Suit for Women Waist Trainer Vest for Women Heat Trapping Workout Tank Top Shapewear for Weight Loss - WJAE20

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  • Upgrade Material: Sauna vest for women lining uses the upgrade polymer materials, which make you sweat more than usual; especially if you wear this women sauna sweat vest for a running, yoga, battle rope, gym workout, or when you do housework at home, it will stimulate you to sweat and let you experience Sauna-like experience.

  • Sweat More: The women sweat enhancing vest is designed to increase perspiration but keep it all inside. Our sauna shirt for women stimulates sweat during exercise 5x times more than normal clothing by preserving body heat where it matters

  • Body Shaper: Thanks to Sauna Suit specially engineered top-layer performance compression fabric, you'll instantly look slimmer and more toned the moment you put it on. It will tuck your tummy in, shape your waist, & accentuate your curves. If you want a feeling of a flat stomach, small waist, and an hourglass figure, Sauna Suit is the ideal workout gear.

  • Comfort & Versatility: Sweat Enhancing vest is designed so that it's incredibly light and comfortable to wear even for extended periods.Wearing while working out or while performing daily activities creates a hot sauna-like experience. Your body temperature will rise, so you sweat more and lose weight.Increased sweating also helps with detoxifying and cleansing your pores.

  • Enhanced Workout: The sauna vest for women is soft and thin, easy to wear and it can be worn under all kinds of clothes; small space, easy to be packed in your gym bag. It is suitable for all sports in the gym, outdoors and daily wears, sweat body shaper for women is the secret weapon for your fitness journey.

  • Waist Trainer For Women
    Firm Control+High Flexible=Sexy Natural Body Curve

    Our waist slimmer shapewear bring you a curvy figure and fitness immediately,help you look stunning in any occasion.

    Workout Suit
    Home workout best option,do exercise at home,stay away from obesity and keep healthy every day.
    Ideal for every one,no matter have fitness activity at gym or do housework or work at office or stay at home.
    Keeps upper body warm and heats up core abdominal & back area,sweat more to burn fat,accelerate lose weight.

    Sweat sauna suit for women can raise your body temperature immediately, helps you sweat up to 5 times.
    Sweat enhancing tank top for women makes everything feel tight and slim waist better, you can get a wonderful shape.
    Slight compression of sauna shirts for women helps correct posture and sweat rapidly for tummy control.
    The sweat vest absorbs sweat quickly to let you always dry quickly and fresh outside.
    Waist trainer sweat vest for women helps burn more water fat and lose water weight effectively. Perfect for exercise or for normal daily routines or for any physical activity, such as yoga , running, workout, weightlifting, boxing, etc.

    Sauna Suit for Women Waist Trainer Vest for Women Heat Trapping Workout Tank Top Shapewear for Weight Loss - WJAE20