Pilates for Men - YKUV64

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  • Region Code 0: Can be played anywhere in the world

  • Insturctional Level: Level 3 of 5

  • Number of Exercises: 20

  • Equipment Required: Exercise Mat and two 3lb Toning Balls

  • This powerful STOTT PILATES workout will give you the strong, sculpted body you've always wanted This is the full-body workout pro athletes swear by for overall conditioning, cross-training and a strong, injury-resistant core. Practice this powerful routine a few times a week and see how it adds balance and endurance to your fitness program. INSTRUCTIONAL LEVEL : Level 3 of 5 EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Exercise Mat and two 3lb Toning Balls NUMBER of EXERCISES: 20 SOUNDTRACK LANGUAGES: English,

    Pilates for Men - YKUV64