Men’s Premium Slimming Shapewear Workout Sauna Tank Top Vest Thermal Waist Trainer Compression Fitness Shirt S-3XL - UZJT49

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  • INNOVATIVE COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY: Only uses a heat-trapping polymer fabric to boost your natural body heat and stimulate sweating with any physical activity. Wearing the Athletic Tee while working out or performing daily activities creates a hot sauna-like experience. Your body temperature will rise, so you sweat more.

  • LARGE COMPRESSION AREA: Athletic Tee boasts a large compression area with its short-sleeve athletic t-shirt design. Benefit from support and stability to your midsection, abdominals, back, chest, shoulders, tricep, and biceps. Traditional waist trainers only target your midsection, which leaves the rest of the upper body underutilized and unengaged.

  • HIGHLIGHT EVERY MUSCLE: The body shaping fit compresses and enhances every muscle on your body, giving you an athletic and toned look the moment you put it on. Highlight your pecs, shoulders, back, and abdominal muscles with Athletic Tee.

  • SLIMMING BODY SHAPER: The Tee's top-layer performance compression fabric instantly makes you look slimmer, and more toned the moment you put it on. If you want the feeling of a flat stomach, strong core, well-defined chest, and a V-shape look, the Athletic Tee is the perfect activewear for you. You can wear it on its own or underneath your clothes, completely hidden without adding any extra bulk. It's very discreet, so no one will be able to tell that you're wearing a compression shirt.

  • SUIT FOR ANY OCCASIONS: Great choice for for zumba, yoga, gym, fitness, running, jogging, hiking, cycling, golf and other sports.

  •  Men's Sweat Enhancing Waist Trimmer



    Our Men's Waist Trimmer fromcontours your body discreetly while providing superior compression support for better, more efficient workouts.  combines an exclusive blend of performance compression and polymer fabrics that work together to accelerate your natural body heat and create an intense sauna-like experience. Stay-put details inside the seams keep you focused on your workout, while our lightweight compressive design increases blood flow, reducing muscle fatigue and preventing strain. Perfect for providing targeted support to abdominals and lower back, while also suitable for wearing under clothes for instant slimming during everyday activities

    Men’s Premium Slimming Shapewear Workout Sauna Tank Top Vest Thermal Waist Trainer Compression Fitness Shirt S-3XL - UZJT49