Gyroscopic Hand Exercise Balls

Gyroscopic Hand Exercise Balls

The center of the sphere is calibrated by a computer balance with high stability Special plastic ..

$55.66 $24.94

★ Performance Digital LCD Counter Battery-Free and Self-powered Digital display keeps track of your..

$58.97 $29.10

Each Sportime Strength Medicine Ball in blueblack color is solidly built for upper body and core ..

$101.55 $60.63

Ideal for general fitness, core and strength workouts No-bounce design for repeated slamming We..

$130.35 $77.68

[Excellent Gyro ball]: The shell is made of polycarbonate, the ball built-in aluminum alloy plating..

$70.77 $35.18

[Metal core+PP material]: The interior is composed of a metal ball core and a PP material package. ..

$107.76 $66.04

1: Easy to play and control: just push the core in the direction of the arrow, starting from the in..

$38.95 $19.54

All Dynamax medicine balls are 14" in diameter, impact-absorbing, moisture and scuff resistant So..

$138.28 $99.68

[Wear finger cots to prevent falling]: The grip ball has 6 finger holes, which is convenient to wea..

$54.75 $24.21

DURABLE RUBBER CONSTRUCTION HANDLES STRESS EASILY: Designed to withstand the pressure of constant s..

$86.55 $37.89
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