GORILLA WEAR Knee Wraps Gray Black 200CM - RPAP77

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  • Provides more strength and stability

  • Velcro closure

  • Remains in place during movements

  • Are you looking for good support for your knees during intensive training? Don't look any further, the Knee Wraps from Gorilla Wear are the perfect solution! These wraps can be used in all kinds of sports and exercises where a lot of power comes to look like Squats. The Knee wraps provide more strength and stability. Thanks to the energy generated by the pressure of the wrap, you can take more weight and improve your technique. They are equipped with a velcro closure so that you can determine how tight you wear them and fit them on each knee. The supporting wrap remains in place during movements. The knee wraps are 8 centimeters wide and with a length of 200 or 250 centimeters you can move these wraps several times to wrap your leg and optimally support your attitude.

    GORILLA WEAR Knee Wraps Gray Black 200CM - RPAP77