Dynamax 10lb Soft-Shell Medicine Ball Standard - XGGB85

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  • All Dynamax medicine balls are 14" in diameter, impact-absorbing, moisture and scuff resistant

  • Soft-shelled with a heavy duty durable vinyl construction to ensure longevity of product life

  • Ergonomic design maintains neutral spine increasing stability and max power

  • Cored construction allows for use at max velocity without risk of injury

  • Consistent design and manufacture ensures balls always remain balanced

  • Dynamax Medicine Balls have been hand-made in Austin, Texas since 1985. They are the original soft-shell medicine ball and can be used safely to train at high velocity. Dynamax is largely responsible for the widespread use of medicine balls in athletic programs, fitness facilites and Crossfit boxes. There are dozens of exercises that can be performed to improve the ten general physical skills of Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Speed, Power, Accuracy, Agility, Coordination and Balance. No ther medicine ball combines the safety, efficacy and durability of a Dynamax Medicine Ball.

    Dynamax 10lb Soft-Shell Medicine Ball Standard - XGGB85