DXIN Adjustable Step Platforms Step Platforms Aerobic Stepper Fitness Pedal Exercise Step Platform For Exercise Legs Shaping Fitness Gym Cardio Home Sports Color : Red Size : 78 * 28 * 10cm - WROT89

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  • 【 Sturdy Step Platforms】 Step Platforms are made of environmentally friendly ABS material. They are sturdy and durable, able to withstand a weight of 240KG, and are not easily damaged; the surface honeycomb non- slip design improves safety during use and is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • 【 Adjustable height Aerobic Stepper】 The Aerobic Stepper has 2 adjustable heights, 10CM, 15CM, suitable for children to learn,middle- aged and elderly people to exercise, fitness people to improve flexibility, yoga exercise people; Through simple adjustment, it can adapt to different needs and different people to change the difficulty of exercise.

  • 【 Multifunctional Yoga pedal】 Yoga pedal can provide you with a variety of health benefits, such as helping you burn fat, reduce weight, maintain physical function and improve heart health; it can be combined with other fitness tools to get extra fat burning training; daily calf stretching, Can reduce soreness for you

  • 【Multi- scenario Platform Trainer】 Platform Trainer is suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as family, physical exercise, office, gym, etc. It can be used to do sit-ups, push-ups, step aerobics, aerobics, and effectively improve the coordination of bodybuilders through exercise

  • 【 Safe aerobic exercise platform】 The aerobic exercise platform does not need to be installed and can be used when unfolded; the comfortable foot pad at the bottom protects the heel from injury during exercise; in addition, the non- slip feet on each lifting board and platform can prevent the floor from sliding or scratching, making fitness safer

  • Use this Step Platforms/ aerobic exercise platform.
    You can perform effective fitness shaping in your daily life and lay the foundation for any exercise plan.
    The height of the platform can be adjusted, the higher the height, the higher the calories burned.
    Each riser and platform are made of four non- slip feet to prevent sliding or moving during exercise, and will not leave marks on the floor.
    Can support up to 240KG weight.