Aikove Hoola Hoop - OBCD11

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Sturdy stainless steel core: this is a new type of hula hoop. Its inner core is made of high quality stainless steel. Compared to most plastic hula hoops, it is more stable and durable in use and not easy to deform, giving you a more comfortable training experience.
Safety material: The hula hoop is made of double-layer, thick EVA foam, which is soft and skin-friendly and can effectively protect your waist during use. The sliding point design of the shock massage can deep stimulate the muscles and massage the waist points. Long-term use can effectively improve the flexibility of the waist, hip or knee joints.
Adjustable weight: During training, you can combine your own weight and training conditions by adding sand steel balls and other items in the hula hoop hoop, which can increase the weight by 1 to 3 kg. It is helpful for different training phases and different skills.
Portable and removable design: the stainless steel hula hoop consists of 6 removable parts that are easy to assemble, disassemble and carry. Therefore, you can quickly assemble and use hula hoops, no matter where you are on the lawn, on the beach, at the gym, when travelling or anywhere, and burn calories anytime, anywhere.
Best exercise choice: The hula hoop is an intensive and effective weight loss exercise. Long-term use can not only burn calories and reduce body fat, but also train your muscles, strengthen your body's coordination, shape your body slim and make your body healthy.

Aikove Hoola Hoop - OBCD11