Adjustable 9ft Jump Rope - LGDR88

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  • SUITABLE FOR ALL: Perfect solution for the individual athlete and gym goer looking to add a cost effective and versatile conditioning tool to their workout. Suitable for MMA, Boxing, Fitness and CrossFit.

  • ADJUSTABLE: 9ft Adjustable 4.5mm PVC cord

  • PORTABLE: Comes with carry bag and can be easily stored anywhere

  • Ideal for increasing heart rate and a great option for cardio fitness, the Aidan Liamsi 9ft adjustable jump rope is suitable for all experience levels.

    If you want to get into skipping as part of your cardio workout, then this is a great rope to use!

    The rope sports a 4.5mm PVC cord (9ft and fully adjustable to any height), which cuts through the air quicker to allow you to increase the speed or intensity of your workout. It also gives the rope enough weight to give a good amount of feel and feedback which is important for new jumpers.

    Great for footwork and double unders, this rope is a durable and affordable all round fitness accessory for all experience levels to help enhance your home workouts!

    Adjustable 9ft Jump Rope - LGDR88